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Thumbnail of Rapor Pendidikan Indonesia 2023

Rapor Pendidikan Indonesia 2023

Enable public to view reports on Indonesia's educational achievements and collaborate to enhance the quality of education.

Thumbnail of Rapor Pendidikan School Switcher

Rapor Pendidikan School Switcher

Allows users to seamlessly access and switch between multiple connected schools.

Thumbnail of Rapor Pendidikan 2.0

Rapor Pendidikan 2.0

A platform that provides comprehensive data and evaluation reports from National Assessment for educational institutions.

Coming Soon
Thumbnail of Situs informasi resmi SIPLah

Situs informasi resmi SIPLah

Redesigning landing page to increase awareness and drive conversions, establishing it as a trusted hub for reliable information.


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Thumbnail of Seragam Design System for GovTech Edu

Seragam Design System for GovTech Edu

Laying the foundation of design system to support the future of education in Indonesia.


Coming Soon
Thumbnail of Natatoko


All-in-one software as a service solution to manage online store. Take orders, handle products, and analyze business with ease.