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Rapor Pendidikan School Switcher

Allows users to seamlessly access and switch between multiple connected schools.


Product Designer


Diodona Maenggartama


User flows, Mockups, Prototypes


GovTech Edu, Indonesia


At the beginning of the launch of Rapor Pendidikan, some type of schools not yet able to access because some technical challenge in school data, especially with the unique identification system tied to each educational institution's NPSN (National School Identification Number).

Complicating matters were the diverse NPSN structures across different educational levels:

  1. Equivalent education levels (Paket A, B, C) shared a single NPSN.
  2. For middle schools, there was one NPSN linked to their parent institution, usually a public middle school.
  3. Special needs schools (SLB) spanning different levels (SDLB, SMPLB, and SMALB) were under a singular NPSN.

The challenge was clear: to design a feature in Rapor Pendidikan that allowed users to seamlessly access and switch between multiple connected schools, breaking through the complexities of the NPSN system.

This isn’t a detailed case study; it showcases the outcomes of this project. I plan to share more the design process when I have more time. If you want to discuss any of this work in more detail, feel free to get in touch!

Preview of homepage switcher
Preview of dropdown switcher

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