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Let's get in touch

I am always open to new opportunities and collaborations. If you have any questions or need help with a project, reach out to me via email

Frequently asked question

Are you currently available for freelance?

Yes, I'm currently open for freelance opportunities.

Do you enjoy designing presentations?

Certainly! I enjoy designing presentations, especially for talks and workshops. Crafting engaging visual narratives is something I take pride in. If you need help with your presentation, I'd be more than happy to help!

Are you open to relocation if it's full-time job?

Yes, I'm open to relocation for the right opportunity. Exploring new places and cultures while pursuing meaningful work is something I look forward to.

Are you open to collaborate in open source design projects?

I'm open to collaborating on open source design projects. In fact, I've contributed to some fantastic open source projects in the past, such as designing docs for Sinon.JS. I believe in the power of open source communities and am always eager to lend my skills and support.

Do you offer post-design support after the project is completed?

Yes, after the project is completed, I offer a reasonable number of revisions to ensure you completely satisfied with the final outcome.