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Afnizar is a product designer who specializes in user interfaces, design systems, and strategy

Currently, I'm working at GovTech Edu, where I design platforms for Rapor Pendidikan. Prior to this, I gained valuable experience working on product design for Bukalapak, startups, and with various agencies.

Selected work

Thumbnail of Rapor Pendidikan 2.0

Rapor Pendidikan 2.0

A platform that provides comprehensive data and evaluation reports from National Assessment for educational institutions.

Coming Soon
Thumbnail of Situs informasi resmi SIPLah

Situs informasi resmi SIPLah

Redesigning landing page to increase awareness and drive conversions, establishing it as a trusted hub for reliable information.

Coming Soon
Thumbnail of Seragam Design System for GovTech Edu

Seragam Design System for GovTech Edu

Laying the foundation of design system to support the future of education in Indonesia.

Coming Soon
Thumbnail of Natatoko


All-in-one software as a service solution to manage online store. Take orders, handle products, and analyze business with ease.

Design Tooling

I have a strong interest in learning how to code, and I aim to support my team in streamlining our workflow and improving our productivity by developing utilities such as web apps, Sketch plugins, and Figma plugins.

Thumbnail of Page Automator

Page Automator

Automate the process of creating multiple pages.

Thumbnail of Nataicons


A fun-themed simple open source icon by the folks at Natatoko. Available as npm packages.

Thumbnail of Variant Inspector

Variant Inspector

Makes it easy to get variant properties and place them above your variants.

Thumbnail of Quick New Page

Quick New Page

Add new pages in a super quick way. It's a shortcut to do an awesome job in your design files, to "add new pages."

Thumbnail of Bukalapak Color Finder

Bukalapak Color Finder

Browse through the colors of the design system and get the variable color name.

Thumbnail of Context


Count the number of characters, words, and paragraphs from a text layer.

Thumbnail of Magic Export

Magic Export

Export and compress image assets for faster loading times on your website/apps.

I can help you with

From end-to-end product design to icon design. My focus is in achieving a balance between driving impactful business goals and delivering exceptional user experiences. I also have a knack for crafting visual languages that resonate with users.

  • End-to-end product design

  • Design systems

  • User experience design

  • Art direction

  • Project management

  • Systems thinking

  • Icon design

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